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Magic: The Gathering - Adventures In The Forgotten Realms Starter Kit

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• 2 ready-to-play 60-card Magic decks (basic lands included)
• 1 traditional foil card in each deck
• 1 Play Guide booklet + 2 deck storage boxes
• 1 MTG Arena Code Card to unlock both decks for two people to play online at MTG Arena
• Game night for two—grab a friend and learn how to play Magic: The Gathering!

The 2021 Arena Starter Kit contains 2 ready-to-play 60 card decks—with 1 traditional foil Rare card and 4 nonfoil Rare cards, 2 deck storage boxes, 1 Rules and World-of-Magic booklet, and 1 twice-redeemable MTG Arena Code Card for two people to unlock both decks online at MTG Arena. Both decks include basic lands and feature cards from Magic: The Gathering’s Dungeons & Dragons, mage school, and Viking-themed sets—Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Strixhaven: School of Mages, and Kaldheim.