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The Witcher RPG: Lords and Lands

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Lords and Lands will feature both a Gamemaster Screen and 16-page booklet containing new information for players and gamemasters alike. The Gamemaster Screen will be 3mm cardstock and able to stand up strong while still providing four panels of color-coded information, tables, and rules reminders essential for anyone running The Witcher TRPG. The player side of the screen (shown below) will feature the incredible art The Witcher franchise is famous for, with over a dozen pictures, each telling their own story.

The booklet included in Lords and Lands isn’t just the usual distillation of useful supplementary information and lists or an adventure. Instead, Lords and Lands will contain new information to expand The Witcher TRPG for players and Gamemasters alike. The booklet will feature:

  • A new profession, the Noble, complete with a three path Skill Tree, one of which offers the chance to gain and grow an estate!
  • A new playable race, the small but industrious Halflings!
  • Guidelines for creating “everyman” PCs, for when the world needs someone who isn’t a professional or an antagonist!
  • New weapons, alchemical items, and equipment!

    Note: This is not a complete game and requires the base game to play.