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Orchestras Are Awful Card Game DS


You really should be practicing right now

Dead strings. Bridge collapse. Suzuki Book 3. Not enough rosin. There are so many orchestral annoyances that make this otherwise awesome activity absolutely awful.

But it's OK, because you can vent about them all with your friends while playing Orchestras Are Awful, and then get back to playing Nimrod or Hoedown whatever your favorite piece is at the moment. 

Game play is simple

Each round the "judge" will read a question card like: "I was going to practice, but I was distracted by _____" or "This song should express a sense of _____ "

Each player selects their best answer from their hand. Then judge reads them aloud and picks the winner. The next round starts and the judge changes to the next player. The game can be quick with a few hands or last for hours!

Who should play it?

Orchestras Are Awful was written by orchestra musicians and is appropriate for middle and high school orchestra students. It’s a great way to break the ice, get to know each other and have some fun! The game can be played with large groups or small, for hours on a tour bus or just a few hands between classes. 

Game Details & Specifications

  • 396 high quality, 300 gsm, glossy question and answer cards
  • contained in a sturdy, 2-piece box
  • 3 unique cards - Blind Hand, Don't React, and Lucky Card
  • 6 blank cards you may personalize however you want
  • game dimensions: 8” x 4” x 2”, 29 oz
  • contains no profanity or sexually explicit descriptions. That said, phrases like “G strings” and “F holes” are native to orchestra speakers, so interpretation is up to you
  • appropriate for ages 14 and up


Question Cards

The orchestra pit is filled with _____.

_____ makes my director shake uncontrollably.

A group of violas is a lot like _____.

I am a violinist so I need lots of _____.

Only a true orch dork can appreciate _____.

Answer cards

dead strings

untimely peg slippage

conductor hair

pretending you enjoy Schoenberg

Kreutzer Etude No. 12