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Dungeons & Dragons "Out of the Abyss" Demon Lord Demogorgon (1 fig)

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1 x Gale Force Nine GF971049 "D and D Rage Of Demons Demon Lord Demogorgon" Board Game

Demogorgon radiates evil and madness to such a degree that his mere presence provokes insanity in sentient creatures. The demon lord is a meld of different forms, with a saurian lower body and clawed, webbed feet, as well as suckered tentacles sprouting from the shoulders of a great apelike torso, surmounted by two hideous simian heads, named Aameul and Hathradiah, both equally mad. Their gaze brings madness and confusion to any who confront it. Even the symbol of Demogorgons cult can bring madness to those who contemplate it for too long. Demogorgon seeks to corrupt all that is good and undermine order in the multiverse, to see everything dragged howling into the infinite depths of the Abyss. Contains 14 resin pieces. Miniatures come unpainted and require assembly